Good morning from the ICU Unit of Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

I had a small bike accident yesterday morning on Martha’s Vineyard which was followed by a heart attack. Luckily, after the amazing work of medics on the island, a helicopter ride to the mainland and the emergency room here — I am feeling OK. I had a stent put into a major artery. Through the wonders of medical science that was done through a small hole in my wrist!

I’ve just had breakfast, am sitting in a chair and should know more later today. However, I am feeling surprisingly well!

I’m not sure of the full recovery time, but I will not be contactable for at least a week. Sandra will post the occasional update on Facebook and Twitter (alongside her normal “What We’ve Been Reading” service).

I do recommend Martha’s Vineyard. I’ll be back to explore more soon. Be well!