Good morning and happy Wednesday. We’re off to Bella Abzug Park this morning for the unveiling of King Nyani’s replacement. A Big Apple is taking the place of the huge gorilla. Keep an eye out for pictures later.

Today, we’re announcing the W42ST Best of Awards 2021. It’s a long while since our readers nominated and voted for their favorite businesses pre-COVID in February 2020. The awards will run from now until mid-December — and they are again sponsored by Wells Fargo.

We’ll be announcing the categories and voting procedure over the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’re launching the W42ST Local App that includes all of last year’s winners, plus businesses recommended by our readers in our lists and their West Side Stories. Enjoy and share…

Steve Kaufman and Enza Santoro were nominated as W42ST Hell’s Heroes even before the pandemic. Then they took to the front line last March to provide vital meds and manage the rising panic with calm and professionalism while putting themselves at risk. Now the Hell’s Kitchen pharmacy they run faces closure. Details here…


Mark Fisher Fitness is offering two free workouts at NYC’s friendliest, quirkiest gym! Click here…

What we’ve been reading

For New York renters it’s become a “Landlord’s Market”, with bidding wars for the best apartments. (Brick Underground)

School bus safety is called into question as speeding and red light tickets pile up. (New York Daily News)

Delivery workers threatened by electric bike thefts are keeping safe by crossing bridges in groups. (New York Times)

Cops launch their first LGBTQ recruitment campaign in New York. (Gay City News)

When a catnip salesman incited a riot on the streets of New York City… (Mental Floss)

Freeze Frame

If you’ve walked down Broadway recently, you might have encountered the seven gigantic, origami-inspired sculptures called Transformations by California artist Hacer. Hell’s Kitchen animator, Dystopika, was not content with the static two dark turquoise coyotes, two medium turquoise rabbits, magenta elephant, yellow dog and green bear cub — so brought them to life with his animation skills. Magical…

The installation is part of Garment District Art on the Plazas and can be seen (unanimated) between W36/39th Streets through November 23.

Happy Birthday to Marco Druzetich.