Good morning and happy Friday. Did your windows rattle at 6:30am this morning? That was quite a mini-storm! It’s going to be warm this morning and freezing cold this evening. You’ve been warned…

We’re all wondering what post-pandemic New York looks like. We’ve been listening to some of the city’s top ad agency executives. They have an upbeat vision of offices more like a Soho House membership, retail mimicking a Van Gogh immersive exhibit along with crypto and NFTs at the crossroads of the world. Read more…

Hell’s Kitchen has always been a big draw for social worker Rory Cruz. She was born and brought up here, and now lives in the neighborhood with her baby son Joey. But the struggles she had after his arrival during the pandemic inspired Rory to help other mothers suffering from postpartum depression. Here’s Rory’s West Side Story…

What we’ve been reading

Hard Rock Cafe is looking for places to set up a casino in New York City. (Brooklyn Eagle)

New York flooding will happen ten times as often by 2050, according to new projections. (Fortune)

Leaked Broadway numbers shine a spotlight on the damage omicron inflicted on shows. (Broadway News)

What happens after surviving an NYC apartment fire? (Buzz Feed)

We’ve all seen yellow cabs in NYC — but have you spotted a yellow gorilla? (TimeOut)

Freeze Frame

Our social media post yesterday entitled “The Never Ending Story — the longest running show on 9th Avenue!” gained lots of comments. Adam Smith said: “I’ve been here for 25 years and I can’t remember a time when 9th wasn’t under construction and yet it’s still barely drivable.” Instagram follower @dancinnprancin said: “Walking past here should be an event at the Olympics jumps over the metal plates, sticks the landing & heels are intact!😂”

Happy birthday to Helen Todd.