Good morning. It’s looking like the last sunny day of 2020, so why not get out and enjoy it?

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon across town. Afterward, I cycled back along W33rd Street, forgetting that the construction at Penn Station would get in the way. When I got to the junction with 7th Avenue, I was surprised by the tall new entrance structure — and it looked slightly wonky!

I took a picture, posted to Facebook and Instagram — and moved on. Within an hour, both social media posts had got busy. Local Andrea Kleiman instantly called it “the Leaning Tower of Penn.” Others couldn’t wait to see the new structure up close — and many were critical of the money spent by the MTA in a time of a budget squeeze.

I’m heading back again to take a fresh look. I cannot work out whether it’s an optical illusion (planned or unplanned) that gives the structure its twist.

We are not going to do a review of 2020, because I think we’ve all had enough of this year without analyzing the twists and turns of 2020. However, I’d be interested in hearing your quote of 2020. The best that I’ve seen so far was nominated by Drew Barrymore — “You’re on mute.”

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