Good morning and happy humpday! Those forecasted thunderstorms didn’t materialize — so expect it to be hot in town today. It’s 45 years tonight since the big NYC blackout of 1977. Summer is here…

Looking out the window at 2:53pm yesterday we spotted three NY Waterway ferries clustered around some smaller boats. The tragedy that unfolded led to the deaths of a woman and child and the rescue of 10 others. Read more…

Hudson River Rescue


Artist Tanager George’s intricately detailed works show the Big Apple’s serpentine subway and railroad systems ebbing and flowing beneath the blocks and buildings of New York and Hell’s Kitchen. Read more…

Tanager George Midtown Drawings

What we’ve been reading

New Jersey drivers could get a free pass on traffic camera fines, if pols have their way. (New York Post)

So you think you’ve got New York storage problems! Check out the challenges artists face after creating huge, temporary street installations. (New York Times)

Arrest made in double murder at Hell’s Kitchen recording studio. (Eyewitness News)

Keep calm and carry on… the New York public service announcement on nuclear attacks was just a precaution. (Gothamist)

“Eat the Rich” ice cream trucks are popping up around the city. (Business Insider)

Freeze Frame

New York City Map Quiz

Check out this cool Manhattan neighborhood quiz that a Redditor has spent a couple of days creating. We got them all right (on the second attempt). After playing, you can then indulge in hours of fun arguing about the borders of the different neighborhoods. Enjoy…

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