Good morning. It’s our first humpday of the year. Did you stay up late to watch the Georgia results rolling in?

Our friend, Karin Schall, has been out of the streets. What’s she going to do with that chalk after January 20?

Over the holidays, our Instagram feed was full of pictures of our readers with their copy of the new book, LOVING, A Photographic History of Men in Love, 1850s-1950s.

The photo collection started with a trip to an antique store by Hugh Nini and Neal Treadwell. The first picture they bought had “a look in their eyes that said there’s clearly something more here than friendship.” One photograph became two, two became three, and now twenty years later, three has become over three thousand.

Tonight, Hugh and Neal will be signing copies of the book at Domus. Read more…


This Hell’s Kitchen startup wanted to create a product with NO hidden recording device of any kind, able to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen! After years of research, they stumbled upon “the plant”. We’re digging them…

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Freeze Frame

Looks like NYPD is getting into the weeds in their last month at their west side tow pound at Pier 76.