Good morning. I hope you are ready for the holiday weekend — there’s some rain forecast. Thankfully, we now have all those indoor activities to try!

I spoke yesterday afternoon with my son, Joe, in the UK. He shared with me a chaotic video of a New York pizza review by Dave Pontnoy. I sent in around to friends to reminisce about when the “characters” on our streets were not threatening or dangerous. I’d like when my kids come to visit again that the city feels that way!

Last night, we cycled on 8th Avenue uptown after dinner. The bike lane was blocked. A quick check of the Citizen App showed “Man in Critical Condition after Midtown Stabbing”. The update said: “there are two suspects, the second of which is a tall, skinny man dressed in a blue wig.”

This morning, a friend from the UK send me the Daily Mail’s report on our home — “Post-Pandemic New York City is laid bare”. It makes grim reading — especially at a time when the city is about to launch a $30m campaign to promote tourism.

We’ll continue to ask questions about what is being done to make changes — and will be reporting back next week.

Meanwhile, in another world/part of Hell’s Kitchen… Are you ready to get into a bidding war for this neighborhood duplex? Do I hear an opening bid of $3.3m? More on the auction…


NOTE: Movie Night has been postponed — but there is plenty to do indoors and out at Intrepid this weekend. More details here…

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Freeze Frame

How do you get the moon to look so big? If you are photographer Gary Hershorn you drive 14 miles away and have a big lens! Thanks, Gary for taking that New Jersey ride last night for this amazing perspective of the Flower Moon (one day after it was full).