Good afternoon, this is W42ST Lifestyle Editor Sarah Beling with “Make Way For The Weekend” — your curated guide to the best of New York events in one convenient newsletter!

Let’s discuss where to go when things get…overwhelming. And yes, I know, we don’t exactly live in a cool, calm and collected place (as anyone who has ever chased an M11 bus with an armful of grocery bags can tell you), but I’d argue that there are unexpected pockets of peace that we should absolutely take advantage of right now

Wandering silently around a museum. Reading in the park for hours. Staring at the Hudson at sunset. Getting a midday pastry. Taking in an afternoon movie. Dancing out your rage at the club. Taking the long A-train ride to Rockaway. Protect your peace and your sanity this weekend, my friends. Sending you joy wherever you can find it!

❓Quick Question
Is there a spa or meditation center or a place here that brings YOU calm that I should know about?? Hit me up!

🎭 hmm these lyrics sound familiar 
Maybe it’s the near constant prevalence of the “it’s been 84 years” meme to describe our current state of being, but there’s never been a better time to watch a parody musical about James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster entitled Titaníque running now at The Asylum in Chelsea (after all, it will be shorter than watching the movie on TV. With commercials it used to be like six hours and I would commit to every minute of it lol). As one review put it, “Titaníque the kind of campy fun needed to keep me afloat during some of America’s darkest days. All aboard!”

🚶🏼‍♀️ walk and talk minus aaron sorkin
While I’m sure my therapist notes that I make LiViNg iN NeW YoRk my entire personality, I do not, in fact, know everything about this fair city. I think that Mike Kaback does though!! Follow him on free historical and cultural walking tours through the Flatiron District this Sunday and the Garment District next Wednesday. The Flatiron tour features both architectural intel and a bit of true crime (the murder of Stanford White), while the Garment District tour (which W42ST enjoyed back in November) dives deep into the fashion industry and Kaback’s time working in the area. Get your steps in! 

🎶 ¡vaya!
Lincoln Center’s summer social dance program ¡Vaya!  — celebrating New York’s vibrant tradition of Latin dance and music —  presents merengue master and Queens native Max “El Swing de New York” Rodriguez and his ensemble, MaxBanda in concert this Friday on the plaza. Don’t know the steps? There are free dance lessons available before the performance!

😱 do you like scary movies 
Many years ago while trying to impress my high school boyfriend,  I agreed to watch the Scream series. I was scared shitless and am basically still not over it but I do understand that some people find scary movies oddly comforting in a scary world. The Green Room 42 at YOTEL is hosting a rooftop lawn screening of the original Scream this Saturday. I will NOT be there lol but if I wasn’t such a chicken it does sound quite fun. 

🎺 sing sing sing
As part of the Blue Note Jazz Festival, Sony Hall is hosting the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band tonight in their Midtown club. A tribute to the legendary trumpeter and bandleader, the ensemble features many of the rising stars of jazz and a set list of joyful, swinging beats!

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🦞 not the one in times sq
Yes, yes, there is, of course, the famous Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest this weekend. But please forgive this hot take — it’s really…unpleasant to watch. Why not instead hop on over to the Lobster Fest, also held at Coney Island this Saturday. In addition to dining on lobster and crab (an upgrade from hot dogs, I’m sorry!!) the festival features performances from Fabolous and New York’s best hip-hop and top 40 DJs.  

Lobster Fest Fabolous

🌊 no sound machine required
Take in the calming sounds of the Atlantic when you attend yoga with Sonia at Rockaway Beach this Saturday for meditation, stretching and movement. If I were you, I’d make use of my trip by both staying to enjoy the beach day and grabbing burgers at Rippers

🎶 britney for president 
You wanna live fancy? You better work your way over to Three Dollar Bill, hosting the United States of Britney Spears dance party this Saturday with performances by Magenta, Brie Bordeaux and Bobby Lemaire. Gimme gimme more! 

🎧 i need a glass of water 
Speaking of national heroes, let’s pay our due tribute to hip-hop legend Missy Elliot this weekend at the Holla 2000s:Hip Hop RnB Dance Party Tribute Night at Brooklyn Bowl this Friday. Studies have shown that thrashing around to Music Makes Me Lose Control is good for your mental health. 

🌅 sunrise, sun met
Maybe you’ve heard that the Met is raising their prices 🙄. But, there’s good news! NYC residents are still on a pay-what-you-wish basis! So with that, pony up whatever’s left in your wallet after paying NYC rent 💀 and head to the Met Sun Sets series this Friday for a happy hour evening of rooftop drinks, snacks and dancing! This week features DJ Lauren Flax

Met Museum Rooftop

🎶 here is my confession
There are some songs emblazoned in our national consciousness. Macy Gray’s I Try is certainly one of them!! Gray is making a special appearance at the Blue Note Jazz Festival tonight. Why not check out more of Ms. Gray’s prolific jazz discography and find the next song we’ll have stuck in our heads for the next 20 years??

🏳️‍🌈 12 version
The official PRIDE month celebrations may be coming to a close, but before they do, check out Heaven Can Wait’s I Feel Love dance party tonight in Alphabet City! As they posted, “Just because June is ending doesn’t mean PRIDE is over…”

🍔 skip burning those burgers
If cooking isn’t your thing but you still yearn for the joy of a long weekend of eating outdoors, head directly to the Queens Night Market this Saturday to sample over 100 of the borough’s incredible international cuisine vendors! 

🔥 Hot Tip
Despite their rapid nationwide extinction, did you know that there is a drive-in movie theater in New York City? Just across the way in downtown Brooklyn sits The Skyline, where not only can you take in a film with outrageous sunset views of Manhattan and the East River, but also enjoy a screening regardless of whether you have a car or not (Skyline wisely knows that we’re a walking city!!). Check out their 4th of July screening of Back to the Future or classics like the OG Jurassic Park all summer long

⚠️ Omg I forgot to tell you
There’s a Dolly Parton cover band playing The Bell House this Saturday 

The Edge is hosting a fireworks viewing party July 4th for those who want a height advantage. Tickets are $250 each… 👀 although they do include two glasses of champagne and a gourmet corn dog

BK bar Our Wicked Lady is hosting an oyster happy hour fundraiser for abortion rights this Sunday

My fave UWS fair, the Grand Bazaar, is home to a brunch-and-shop market on Monday

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