Happy Monday. Are you feeling refreshed after the weekend?

Did you pick up your copy of The Village Voice? After printing its final copy back in September 2017, it has a new owner and has hit the streets again. The new cover says: “New York’s Coming Back. And So Are We.”

Congratulation on the comeback. For those of you asking if W42ST will return in print — we’ll take a view when Broadway comes back…

At the start of last week, we published how Hell’s Kitchen (as the rest of the world) had suffered during the pandemic. In New York, our neighborhood population saw the biggest decrease of any area (net 7,000 people) and over 50 storefronts were lost.

W42ST has kept you connected, updated and upbeat (hopefully) during the pandemic. Now we are asking our readers and local business (small and big) to be advocates as this New York neighborhood we love moves from surviving to thriving.

Here are two great examples of advocacy. When Abel at Naño Ecuadorian Kitchen took time to promote Laly’s, and Trimmed praised Alfie’s. We need more of that — and it’s what we will be amplifying.

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