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Last week, a few friends and I day-tripped up to Cold Spring for an upstate fall adventure — where we were greeted by the entirety of New York City’s population, also here for an upstate fall adventure. “Ugh, it’s like everyone’s here,” an athleisure-clad, presumably fellow Manhattanite sighed as we shuffled past her on a crowded sidewalk full of people looking for antiques and bespoke farm-fresh pastries. 

And she was right, everyone was here — many sweating it out in their fall best despite the 75-degree weather — but it got me thinking about the concept of avoiding “popular” attractions. Isn’t often the reason why a destination is popular is because it’s, well, fun? And although not every popular New York destination is worth a long line or a schlep (no offense, Cronuts), I think there’s nothing wrong with embracing the fact that we’re all here to have a good time…and yes, we all had the same idea.

So while it’s always fun to find something off the beaten path (I’ve got you!!), no matter where you end up this weekend, take comfort in the fact that great minds often think alike. Put your name in for brunch and walk around!!!

❓Quick Question
What is the very mainstream New York activity that you love?

🍿 life finds a way
There was a time in my life where a good friend and I showed everyone we knew  — and I mean everyone — the viral video of the Jurassic Park theme tune played badly on melodica. “ISN’T THIS HILARIOUS!!! I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT!!!” we’d cackle, as they looked on, confused and a little bit scared. Anyway, if you are interested in what the real thing sounds like, head to the New York Philharmonic’s Jurassic Park concert at Lincoln Center this weekend, where the orchestra will perform the famed John Williams score alongside a screening of the film. 

🎭 beyond translation
Check out the latest work from Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist Quiara Alegría Hudes at Signature Theatre’s My Broken Language, playing now through November 27. Comprising monologues, song, poetry and movement, the evocative theatrical memoir stars Daphne Rubin-Vega, Zabryna Guevara, Marilyn Torres, Samora la Perdida, Yani Marin and Yadira Correa in the telling of Hudes’ own childhood growing up in el barrio of 90s Philadelphia. 

🎤 full-pint entertainment
While you’re over at Signature, make to sure to stick around for HalfPint at Night, a new and free late night variety show featuring a kickass lineup of drag performances, comedy and music curated by multi-hyphenate performer Denise Manning (What to Send Up When It Goes Down, God Is a Comedian) and SRĐA (Director: The Band at the End of the World, NUBIA), and hosted by Manning, this weekend starting each night at 9:00pm

🌳 a tree grows in hell’s kitchen 
Come help the NYC Parks department care for our nearly 2,000 local trees at Saturday’s Street Tree Stewardship with Super Stewards event, where “compost, tools, and supplies will be provided — bring water, outdoor appropriate clothes… and your passion for grassroots environmental change!” Let’s grow!!

🎭 let’s be good
OK this is still in previews and I am not a reviewer, but I think it’s worth stopping by Some Like it Hot now playing on Broadway for the phenomenal performances, a top-notch old-school “everyone is chasing each other” production tap number (!!), and J Harrison Ghee, whose breathtaking turn should certainly earn them a Tony nom. 

🎭 all for one and one for all 
Brush up on your Shakespeare and more as The Acting Company brings fresh, contemporary  interpretations of classics  The Three Musketeers and Romeo and Juliet to The New Victory Theater opening this weekend!

🎭 another openin’, another show 
If you’re looking for me next week, I’ll probably be avoiding deadlines and singing along to the tunes playing at the brand-new Museum of Broadway, opening Tuesday in Midtown. Bonus: a portion of ticket proceeds go to the very worthy Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS organization. 

🧶 oh what an (un)tangled web we weave 
Winter is coming, and we need craft therapy. Head to the Museum of Arts and Design this Sunday for an all-ages handweaving workshop to make your own tapestry before going home and listening to Carole King’s Tapestry.

Far Header

🎭 you may be right, i may be crazy
As someone who can’t stop mentioning therapy in these newsletters, it will not surprise you to know that the plot of The Patient Gloria, in which a woman’s confidential therapy sessions were made public, makes me sweat. But I’m going to brave it out and see Gina Moxley’s punk-rock vengeance for Gloria now playing at St Ann’s Warehouse anyway!!! And then I’m going to tell my therapist about how brave I am!! LOL!!  

🍔 working on my night cheese 
It’s the final countdown for the Uptown Night Market — so if you want to nab some tasty snacks before they shut down for the season, head there tonight!!

🎄 not the gumdrop buttons
We all know gingerbread tastes better than it looks — a lesson I found out early when, at a party with very little food, I once tried to eat a gingerbread house out of desperation. Look but don’t bite at the Museum of the City of New York’s new Gingerbread NYC exhibition, now showcasing the best bakers across the five boroughs who have created (semi) edible architectural masterpieces. 

💍 distracted by shiny things
Danger, Will Robinson, NYC Jewelry Week is back next week and ready to ruin my credit. Stop by the free week-long celebration of beautiful treasures that I stare longingly at on my internet tabs at 2am. 

🥪 i’ll have what she’s having
Check out the New York Historical Society’s examination and celebration of the history of the Jewish Deli at I’ll Have What She’s Having now showing on the Upper West Side. After you’re done, Barney Greengrass is right around the corner!!

🔥 Hot tip 
I had the pleasure of checking out the new Olly Olly food market in Chelsea this week, and can tell you that it’s full of tasty treasures like Korean yubu tarts, scallion pancakes burritos and wagyu beef chopped cheese (!!!!). Worth a trip West!! 

⚠️ Omg I forgot to tell you

Paramore plays the Beacon Theatre this Sunday

Incredible improv Broadway’s Next Hit Musical is back at 54 Below next Wednesday 

So what, no ****** ziti now?” There’s an Arthur Avenue food crawl on Saturday

Watch out, Andy! The Real Housewives of New York: The Unauthorized Musical Parody plays Green Room 42 this Sunday

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