Happy Friday. It might be a bit cooler than usual for this time of year — but this sunshine sure is delightful. It’s looking clear for the whole weekend too. Woot woot…

This may hurt… The last legendary notes of W54th Street’s recording past are set to fade out of history. The remaining studios of The Hit Factory have been listed for sale, with the potential for a future owner to unplug their musical heritage (with options being a doctor’s or dentist’s office). Read more…

Bruce Springsteen writing in Studio 1 at The Hit Factory in 1995

We recently shared nostalgic posters of the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival, and asked for your memories. In response, reader Sherrie Allan shared her copy of the Ninth Avenue Festival Cookbook from 1974. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to take some of those Hell’s Kitchen recipes and see if they could be recreated! Step up to the plate, Mackenzie Murray, who toiled in the kitchen in the hope of cooking up some history. Read more…

Ninth Avenue Festival Cookbook

What we’ve been reading

Want to know what they are paying for that NYC job? You’re gonna have to wait a little longer… (Reuters)

New Yorkers could find relief if pols’ bill for public restrooms passes. (NY1)

There’s “a $130 halal-cart-style ‘Sixth Avenue’ leg of lamb” at this Hudson Yard Halal cart adjacent restaurant. (Eater)

Damn! That $70m Billionaire’s Row Penthouse has been sold before we could put in an offer… (New York Post)

Why does your iPhone autocorrect go between hero and zero? (WSJ)

Freeze Frame

Free Fridays are back — starting tonight! The Intrepid Museum is free on select Fridays every month from April through September from 5-9pm. Celebrate the Museum’s 40th anniversary and enjoy special programs including Astronomy Nights (and movie nights coming soon). More details here…

Happy birthday to Bethany James.