Happy Wednesday. I can give you some on-the-spot-reporting-style weather updates this morning. Between 9pm and 1am last night out at Pier 96 it was surprisingly warm — but this morning at 8am it was sunny but windy by the river. Windchill tonight will make it feel like it’s in the 30s!

Overnight, we watched as Malcolm Cochran’s Private Passage (more commonly known as “The Bottle”) was unloaded at Clinton Cove. It’s returned after a six-month $414,000 renovation. It was fun to see the landmark artwork being hauled, rolled, pushed and cajoled into place. Read more and see all the pics…

Late last night, a flatbed truck returned to Hudson River Park with Malcolm Cochran's Private Passage.

In the same way that nothing beats listening to your favorite song on vinyl, there’s something about an outdoor concert that makes music sound even better — and if you’re hoping to jam-pack your summer evenings with breezy fresh-air shows, check out SummerStage’s 2022 lineup of mostly free concerts across the city’s parks. Read more — including the line-up…


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Freeze Frame

Earth Day Litter Legion Hell's Kitchen Catie Savage

Hell’s Kitchen Litter Legion was out in force on Earth Day weekend. Here’s a photo gallery of their efforts to encourage you to take part in future cleanups. As well as dodging sidewalk delivery bikes, Catie Savage suffered some interesting sunburn from her costume. “The burn has faded but the stripes remain. The first burn/tan of the season always sticks around for a while,” she said.

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