Happy Humpday! Cold and sunny today, but we’re back to snow from tomorrow!

Last May, the New York Public Library created “An Auditory Love Letter to New York” — we were missing the noise of the city.

Now, as New York comes back, the noise is returning too. It makes me smile when I’m on a call to friends in the UK and they can hear a siren wail or a horn honk in the background. However, sometimes it gets too much.

We reported on the mysterious high-pitched high-rise howling recently. It seemed to go away after our story, but was back again yesterday! In recent days we’ve been tweeted about other noise issues.

First off, Kate Cherichello about the nightly Lincoln Tunnel traffic racket.

Then Priya Ahluwalia, about ConEd drilling continuing until 4am.

What to do when 311 is not enough? Kate and Priya would like your suggestions and help.

Tracey Kleinman Berglund draws pictures in real-time, visualizing what speakers like Bill Clinton and Melinda Gates are talking about. She’s live-illustrated everything from robotics to peacekeeping to better sausage products. You will also see her work regularly in New Yorker magazine. Here’s Tracey’s West Side Story.

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

Thanks to Leslie Boghosian Murphy for sending us this snow alligator in the wild on W55th Street. Great snap!