How did you experience that crazy storm last night? W42nd Street looked like Kansas — as this amazing Wizard of Oz video from J-Line shows.

We found a new apartment, so it’s time to get my life (and clutter) sorted. First up, dealing with that storage unit!

As if to prompt me a little more, Sandra sent me a link from her morning news trawl about the history of the Radio Flyer. Sadly, our three little red wagons are all banged up after 6 years of W42ST delivery duties and in need of some love and repair. Does anyone know a good home for them?

Sadly, our three wagons are not quite so sparkly as when Belle Bakst was helping with deliveries!

Our friends at the Empire Men’s Chorus have been surviving the pandemic with socially distanced singing. This week they are sharing a new work. Coming About tells the beautiful true story of two men whose love for one another literally saved their lives at sea. There’s a little something for everyone, from Peter Gabriel to William Finn, rock to traditional choral to spiritual. Aaron Hock told us: “I promise it will spark hope and those good goosebumps you get when you hear excellent music. Oo!” You can find their Patreon (and a sample of the audio visual production) here.

What we’ve been reading

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