Good morning. It’s getting up to 50 today and looking at the weather forecast for the next week, there’s sun every day. Spring is coming!

There was good news yesterday when the President announced that there would be vaccines for all adults by the end of May. Our friend, Renee Lutz Stanley reported fast-moving lines at the Javits Center yesterday morning, but by evening there were long waits. Javits will operate 24 hours from this Friday. What’s been your experience?

For Women’s History Month, all of our West Side Stories will be with Hell’s Kitchen women — and we’re asking them to share with us a woman in history that they admire.

First up is professional organizer, Juli Oliver. Read her story today and why she picked Gertrude Ederle (who has a swimming pool named after her on W60th Street).

What we’ve been reading

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Flashing your COVID passport could become a thing… (New York Post)

How to avoid rental scams. (New York Times)

We’ve probably all had a lovely day trip to Beacon, but do you know how it got the name? (Poughkeepsie Journal)

Freeze Frame

“Love Like Dolly” by @Captain_Eyeliner is brightening up the corner of W47th Street and 9th Avenue. The abandoned Starbucks has become a venue for art.