How was your Small Business Saturday? Did you show some love to those local shopkeepers, salon owners, restaurateurs, and barkeeps?

As you know, we’ve been working on lists of what’s open since the start of the pandemic. There have been many iterations from our first list of 60 businesses doing food and drinks to go (which grew to over 150 before dining came back) to our most recent Thanksgiving app.

What’s next? What are you not finding on Google or Seamless or by walking your few blocks? We’re here to connect you with local small businesses. LMK — we’ve big plans for December.

Thanks to Nicki and Luisa at Domus for this little gem!

Neither the Michelin Guide nor Zagat will be publishing restaurant guides for New York City this year (see below). However, we can recommend an even better guide that’s just gone into print — Walking Manhattan Sideways — Side Street Businesses That Have Stood the Test of Time.

We featured Betsy Bober Polivy six years ago in the first issue of W42ST magazine. At that point, her “crazy idea to walk the entire original Manhattan grid — from 1st Street to 155th” had reached 53rd Street. She’s since completed the task, and the Manhattan Sideways website is filled with the stories of those individual businesses.

Now there’s a book…

What we’ve been reading

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