Good morning and happy Friday. The day started with heavy rain, which will likely be a pattern throughout the day. The only predictable thing is the humidity. Skies should clear early evening to welcome us into a lovely weekend with a West Side sunset.

Hell’s Kitchen is serving up warming news for striking actors and writers. Marseille and Nizza have cooked up a “dine now, pay later” deal to show solidarity with the unions representing film and television workers in New York. Read more…

Nizza dining

A 33-year-old woman was knocked to the ground and robbed of her phone in an attack early yesterday morning near the W59th Street entrance to Riverside Park. Police are holding a press conference this morning to give more details on the incident. Read more…

NYPD W59th Riverside

What we’ve been reading

Cannabis farmers’ markets could be coming to New York soon. (Marijuana Herald)

EMT stabbed at Mount Sinai on W59th Street by patient. (Eyewitness News)

Special requests for exemption on the NYC congestion charge might exempt everyone… (amNY)

New York settles class action on George Floyd protest arrests for $13m. (Reuters)

Could a new e-bike bill finally get riders off the sidewalk? (Village Sun)

Freeze Frame

Mickey Spillane outdoor dining removed

Another one bites the dust… Thanks to Marcos Dinnerstein for the picture of the final pieces of Mickey Spillane’s outdoor dining being removed from 9th Avenue. According to paperwork posted by the Department of Transport, the structure had been on notice since October 2022. Yesterday it disappeared into the back of a Department of Sanitation truck…

Happy birthday to Emily McGill and Gail Mooney (and belated wishes to Edith Gonzalez).