Good morning and welcome to PRIDE month. June starts warm, with temperatures in the mid-80s for the next couple of days. That might mean a flash thunderstorm on Friday evening — which will be followed by a cold front dropping the temperatures over the weekend.

Hell’s Kitchen restaurateurs are preparing for another summer of “streeteries”. As the City Council gears up to finalize legislation to restrict and codify outdoor dining sheds, many of the neighborhood’s restaurants find themselves in a state of flux. Read more…

Outdoor Dining Lilly's

Happy 10th anniversary this week to Kashkaval Garden. Last year, we reported on the Kashkaval business celebrating its 25th anniversary (the “garden” is a new location). We also spotted this photo of their 9th Avenue outdoor dining (which disappeared in the “super sidewalk” cull of May 2022).

Kashkaval outdoor dining

What we’ve been reading

The Cathedral of St John the Divine will shine with a PRIDE rainbow this month. (PIX11)

New Yorkers want an end to at-will hiring and firing. (City & State)

Wastewater is showing levels of COVID on the rise in NYC. (Gothamist)

The Department of Correction will no longer notify the press when someone dies in detention. (THE CITY)

Hello from a stranger! A personal project talking to New Yorkers. (YouTube)

Freeze Frame

Spotted Lanternfly

The spotted lanternflies in the neighborhood are getting ready to invade our summer fun again. They are currently at the “instar” stage with no wings and without the bright colors. If you have an infestation, please hit reply. We’ve got a few ideas on how to reduce the population that we’d like to test out…

Happy birthday to Christine Berthet.