Good morning and happy Monday. Our thoughts are with the people of New Orleans this morning. We will be seeing the tail end of what is now Tropical Storm Ida on Wednesday, with 5 or 6 inches of rain predicted.

When a graffiti message started to appear around the catch basins in the neighborhood, Catie Savage, Hell’s Kitchen’s Trash Queen, was quick to say it was not her work — but that she still thought it was a “cool and important” message. Read about how you can prevent flooding…

The 2020 census held some surprising news for New York City. The City’s population, thought for years to be in decline, had actually grown significantly since 2010. NYC added around 629,000 residents in the past decade, defying predictions that the city was shrinking.

Jeremiah Johnson writes that with a third of Hell’s Kitchen rent burdened and the population up — where are the homes?


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What we’ve been reading

Surveillance radar and cameras proposed to curb loud motor vehicles in NYC. (Gothamist)

When will the New York Times newsroom on 8th Avenue come out of the shadows and have workers again? (New York Times)

Good to see Ceviche at Pio Pio getting a mention in this list. (The Infatuation)

They’ve been sinking ships, railcars and even bits of the Tappan Zee bridge to make a reef off Fire Island. (Eye Witness News)

New York’s dating scene is full of “roaching” — and needless to say, it’s not nice! (New York Post)

Freeze Frame

The sun has become a bit of a rarity lately. It was good to see it break through the clouds for a short while before sunset last night. Have a great week…