Happy Thursday. Just as Tropical Depression Fred offloads the last of its rain, get ready for Henri — a Tropical Storm that might strengthen to a hurricane off the coast on Friday. it’s looking like some challenging weather until Tuesday!

Back in November 2014, we rented space for the first time at Manhattan Mini Storage next to the Market Diner on W43rd Street to take delivery of the first issue of W42ST magazine. Since then the storage has moved, expanded and contracted until last month when we organized a dumpster and finally gave up our storage (and the costs). It’s a New York story — and yes, there are a few boxes that have ended up in my GF’s storage!

So it’s no surprise that Manhattan Mini Storage is a cash cow business. So good that it’s up for sale with a price tag of $3 billion. Read it and weep… (to cheer you up, here’s a pic of some 11th Avenue nostalgia!)

Hudson Yards — an area once known for its slaughterhouses and a cow tunnel — is bringing the cows back home. The new arrivals are among a selection of the work of over 70 artists on display with the aim of raising money for God’s Love We Deliver. Details here…


Dance to all the hits that shaped NYC club culture — Funk & Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop, House, Latin + more, all spun on vinyl. Details here…

What we’ve been reading

Joby electric air taxi debuts at NY Stock Exchange. (Evtol)

NYPD “Special Expenses Fund” secretly spends $159m on surveillance. (Wired)

A court battle between midtown and Harlem pizzerias for the Patsy’s name has been settled. (New York Daily News)

New York’s unvaccinated police officers told to wear masks — or face discipline. (New York Post)

Lincoln Center gets a $20m donation from Lynne and Richard Pasculano. (New York Times)

Freeze Frame

Thanks to Jackie for sharing her reopening night cocktail at Joe Allen. “Worth the wait,” she said.

Happy Birthday to Elise Holman!