Good morning and happy Monday. The sun is out and will be staying out this week. Get ready for temperatures above 70 degrees most days. Woot woot…

Meanwhile… They’re back… and it’s time for action! Spotted Lanternflies have once again been seen in Hell’s Kitchen (HT Charlie Todd) — and this time it’s their babies (known as nymphs) leading the charge. The pesky pests that play havoc with our trees are BIG trouble — and the advice of everyone (even environmental conservationists) is to “squish ‘em” on sight! Read more…

Back in 1974, when Manganaro’s shared their arancini recipe in the Ninth Avenue Festival Cookbook, they had been a fixture on 9th Avenue from 1893. Last year we lost the name Manganaro and its famous Hero-Boy when the store closed. Step back in time with these rice balls in readiness for next weekend’s festival. Read more…

Arancini Manganaro's

What we’ve been reading

Designer-clothes-wearing commuters “carrying $7 lattes waltzing through emergency gates” are hitting the MTA “in the farebox.” (Curbed)

Boston to New York via a seaplane is the new commuting option. (The Wellesley Report)

The rats are making New York their playground. (Associated Press)

When New York’s Jewish gangsters took on the Nazis. (New York Post)

Your guide to taking your cat for a walk. (Newsweek)

Freeze Frame

Sam Smith Flaming Saddles

Ninth Avenue welcomed Sam Smith last night. They joined the fun and Bandits at Flaming Saddles Saloon. “Yup, I got to meet this guy last night! Thanks for being an Angel,” said Jakob Alexander.

Happy belated birthday to Linda Porto and Tamora Rush-Kellett — and happy birthday today to Erik Bottcher.