Good morning — and happy Tuesday! It’s getting hot and steamy again…

We didn’t know until yesterday that you can see rocket launches from New York. There was one scheduled down the coast in Virginia early this morning — but it’s been delayed by storms in the area (now counting down for just after 9:30am). Take a look at the images some locals have captured this year...

Mayor Bill De Blasio and Lin-Manuel Miranda opened a new vaccination hub for the theater, film and TV industry in Times Square in April. Yesterday, the Broadway center — run in partnership with the Actors Fund and ATC Vaccination Services — warned over 800 people that they had received an expired dose of the Pfizer vaccine. More here…

Google’s first physical retail store opens to the public this week — and for the tech geeks it’s just a short hop down 9th Avenue. Details here…

What we’ve been reading

New York City parking rules explained — prepare for your head to explode! (New York Parking Ticket)

New York schools are still the most segregated in the US. (Gothamist)

Sad news today about actor Lisa Banes, who has died after a hit and run crash near Lincoln Center. (NBC)

New York State Fair will open at 100% capacity. (Utica Observer-Dispatch)

They’re planning a “Hometown Heroes” ticker tape parade to honor New York’s essential workers. (CBS)

Freeze Frame

We love this picture of Billy Hipkins enjoying reading under the bookworm. “In a seat. In a David Korins’ set. In a drama book store reading In the Heights. In pearls,” he shared on Instagram.

HUGE happy birthday wishes to Jennifer Thomas. “I’d love to give a birthday shout-out to my dear friend, Jennifer Thomas on Tuesday, June 15. She is a long-time resident of Hell’s Kitchen, coming here in the early 80s. She’s had a tough year. After having a lung transplant at the end of last year, she was elated to come back home to her 5 story walk-up. Home for less than a week, she tested positive for COVID-19. She’s been in the hospital since the beginning of February. Her friends & family were hoping she would be home in time for her birthday, but she’s had a series of setbacks. I would love to get her a big birthday wish in the daily email,” shared Gayle Pless. You got it!

And a happy belated birthday to Mandy Oser — looks like you had fun last night!