Good morning! How’s it looking outside your window today?

My usual reaction to a big snowstorm coming to Hell’s Kitchen is to gather a few friends and head to Bettibar or The Pocket Bar to hunker down and chatter about other snowmageddons we’ve “survived”. Yesterday, I was given the option of ordering in and tipping the delivery worker big (something that my British-ness and Catholic guilt would not normally allow).

However, I chose to have a quiet night out — and wander the empty streets of the city with my iPhone for company. If you didn’t venture out yourself, enjoy these images of a dog on a sleigh, a snowball fight in Times Square, snow clearing, delivery folks and more…


The holidays have arrived at Hudson Yards! Find something special for everyone on your list or let our personal shoppers do the work for you and deliver gifts directly to your front door. Open daily from 11AM-7PM.

If you’ve any bit of geek in you, then you’ll enjoy the NYCPlow map. It keeps you up to date with which streets have been plowed in the city and when. You’re welcome 🤓

What we’ve been reading…

From March, Marriott is to permanently lay off 850 members of staff at its Marquis hotel in Times Square. (WSJ)

Feeling the c-c-cold? Let this dog sledder offer you some timely advice! (WNYC)

There’s a shortage of Christmas Trees. Nice to see a Harold DeLucia featured — remember him from Farmacy? (New York Times)

Photographs that capture the essence of a never-to-be-forgotten year. (LoHud)

The MTA’s plans for elevators at subway stations have taken a knock as budget cuts bite. (The City)

Freeze Frame

Good morning from Hell’s Kitchen. Photo: Lynnette Blanche.