Happy snow day! I took a walk around the neighborhood this morning and it’s going to be an interesting 24 hours. Where the snow is cleared, it’s relatively easy walking — but on the uncleared sidewalks, it’s already heavy going.

My highlight was spotting a snowplow in front of this car advert on 11th Avenue. There must be a clever caption for that — but my brain is frozen. Check out more pics from my walk here…

The team at Hell’s Kitchen Hospitality has been working for the past couple of months to create a recipe book with other local restaurants and bars. It’s a 74-page e-book that you can download on a pay-what-you-can basis. The ideal book to have on hand when you are snowed in. Read more (and download)…

What we’ve been reading

Three white residents receive a COVID-19 vaccine for every Black or Latino person in the city. (Gothamist)

Here’s a useful tip — don’t dance with a handgun in your pants in Times Square… (New York Post)

Instead of merely protecting Hell’s Kitchen, the new Daredevil is hoping to save the world. (Screen Rant)

How’s it going over at Hudson Yards? (NY1)

The city’s rat population has found a way to get through the pandemic. (Curbed)

Freeze Frame

This is one of my all-time favorite Hell’s Kitchen pictures. Lynnette Blanche captured the fun and spontaneity of a snowball fight on 9th Avenue after the Snowpocalypse in January 2016. You can check out more pics from the last big snowfall here…

Remember, if you are ordering delivery food today — tip #therealsnowangels BIG! and check out over 140 options on the Hell’s Kitchen is OPEN! app if you are short on ideas.