Happy Friday! Temperatures are definitely rising for this PRIDE weekend. We’re revving up into the 80s today and by Saturday and Sunday we’ll be getting our rainbow on with highs in the early 90s. Enjoy…

Subway car cameras are set to be installed amid growing security concerns, while a proposed expansion of a successful city surveillance program would ask New Yorkers to “rat” on each other for parking violations. We report on Snitch and the City

Snitch and the City — Reporting fellow New Yorkers

“The only way to escape from a housing crisis caused by a housing shortage is to build more housing, and we don’t have time to wait” — housing advocate Jeremiah Johnson has written an Op-Ed
on why community activism is a double-edged sword. Read more…

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What we’ve been reading

Three decades ago, Jewish lawmakers made up roughly half of New York City’s House delegation. Now there is one: Jerry Nadler. (New York Times)

Taxi crash on Broadway renews calls for pedestrianization. (Streetsblog)

A New York actor shares his monkeypox story. (NBC)

A State hearing today could shed light on Penn Station plans. (Gothamist)

Drop some dough to skip the line at fancy NYC restaurants. (New York Post)

Freeze Frame

9th Avenue Saloon Reopening

What a night in Hell’s Kitchen! It was difficult to choose today’s Freeze Frame between Madonna at Terminal 5 and the “friends and family” reopening night of the 9th Avenue Saloon. But…

We went with Ryan Kenny’s pic (which was one of many showing happy faces — and the popcorn machine) at one of the neighborhood’s favorite gay bars. “Some things are too important not to!” Ryan said on Instagram.

Happy birthday to Darren Bicknell.