Good morning and happy Thursday. Well, the weather forecast says that it will be a sunny morning moving to clouds this afternoon — but we can throw that all out of the window with the wild card of the wildfires. Just be careful out there.

Catie pulled together some useful links, hints and tips to stay safe as the smoke clouds continue to shroud Hell’s Kitchen. She even created a short video about making a DIY air purifier for your home. Read more…

Hell's Kitchen wildfire smoke

Sarah and Naty went to meet with Michelin-starred chef Hooni Kim to check the progress on reopening Danji after the smoke shop fire next door. It’s not good news. Read more…

Chef Hooni Kim Danji

What we’ve been reading

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What can you do about a noisy neighbor in NYC? (Brick Underground)

Just how many apartments are being “warehoused” in NYC? It’s a mystery. (Gothamist)

Boat rentals start again in Central Park this month, along with snacks at the Boathouse. (TimeOut)

Fathoming out hospital costs could soon become a lot simpler. (New York Times💰)

Sex and the City might have given the wrong impression to some… (TV Line)

Freeze Frame

An American but not really podcast Phil O'Brien

Thanks to Alisa Krutovsky for interviewing me for her recent podcast episode on An American, but…not really. You might remember Alisa’s art from the early days of W42ST magazine, she produced one of my favorite covers in September 2015. The sky now looks like an ominous prediction…

Issue 9 W42ST Cover Alisa Krutovsky

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