Good morning. With snow forecast again for Thursday, you might well be asking what happened to Monday’s snow… Well, it was virga that stopped it. Here’s the explanation from the National Weather Service NY: “Dry air was feeding in from high pressure to the NNW. Because of this, dewpoints in the area struggled to reach 20 degrees.
Snow hit a thick layer of dry air and failed to make it down to the surface, known as virga.”

Hell’s Kitchen locals may spot more than a few familiar favorites in the latest set of intricately detailed storefront drawings from artist Joel Holland. We spoke to Joel about his HK connections and his new art. Read more…

What’s your favorite Hell’s Kitchen sober treat? Dry January is here — and it needn’t be boring. Share with us your favorite bars offering mocktails and shops peddling booze-free beer and spirits. Even if you’ve not given up entirely and are just “sober curious”, please share your tips on where to save a few dollars and dry out that liver — while still having FUN!

Share your dry secrets, and why and be put into a sweepstake for a $50 Sullivan Street Bakery gift card. Enter here…


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Freeze Frame

Continuing our science education, thanks to Gary Hershorn for this picture of Lady Liberty last night. While we thought that it was just a crescent moon, Gary tells us this is “a 7.3 percent illuminated waxing gibbous moon setting behind the statue.”

Happy Birthday today to Stéphane Toullieux, Russell Miller, Sharon Middendorf and Michael Muñoz.