Good morning and happy Tuesday. We’ve got a couple of days of sunshine and temperatures above 90 degrees. Today will not be too humid — the light breeze will help. Enjoy…

Residents of a former school that was converted into a luxury condo in the Gotham West complex are giving the developer a failing grade, alleging that the building has significant “design and construction defects.”  Read more…

Inkwell Gotham West


Litter Legion Happy Hour

The Litter Legion’s first Happy Hour Cleanup is coming up tonight. After the cleanup, volunteers will head to Jasper’s Taphouse at W51st & 9th for some free appetizers (volunteers will cover their own drinks). Meet at SW corner W49th St & 10th Ave at 6:30pm. Sign up here…

Author and weight management expert Bobby Hold has lived in Hell’s Kitchen for 10 years. He loves the neighborhood for its color, nightlife and open spaces, among other things. Read Bobby’s West Side Story…

Bobby Hold

What we’ve been reading

OK — so who really lives in NYC without AC? Hit reply, we might do a story with your tips for keeping cool… (Brick Underground)

Margaritaville has become a mix of foreclosure, bankruptcy and confusion. (New York Post)

Healthcare hotline has not received one call about involuntary hospitalization. (Politico)

Many NYC office building owners are faced with “no choice but to hand the keys back to the lender.” (Fortune)

Park Avenue’s art has been reshaped with chandeliers made from plastic bottles. (NY1)

Freeze Frame

Leanne Mark Buckley 20th Anniversary

Congratulation to Leanne and Mark Buckley on their 20th wedding anniversary today! Leanne told us her West Side Story earlier this year — so we’ve got a good idea of where they will be celebrating tonight!

Happy birthday to Helen Geng and Denis Malinin.