Good morning and happy Tuesday. We’ve got some clouds this morning that should clear by mid-afternoon. It’s then sunshine ahead for the rest of the week. However, temperatures are below average. So prepare for chilly nights.

Ryder, the Central Park carriage horse who dramatically collapsed on 9th Avenue in August, has been euthanized, a campaign group against the animals’ use in the city and a rescue charity announced yesterday. Read more…

New York Carriage Horse Ryder is attended to by NYPD on 9th Avenue.

If it seems too early to think about Thanksgiving, New York City is already planning further ahead to the first snow — and is recruiting people to clear the drifts. We think we might have found an experienced and soon-to-be out-of-work candidate! Trevor, are you interested? Read more…

Trevor Noah Daily Show Snow

What we’ve been reading

New Yorkers will need to put out their trash later to help keep the rats at bay. (NBC)

This lucky tourist managed to get her phone back after it fell through a grate in Times Square. (New York Post)

The way restaurants work changed during the pandemic. Here’s how. (Grub Street)

A study shows some cities have virtually eliminated cyclist deaths. Meanwhile, NYC is 25 times more dangerous than Vancouver for bikers. (Vice)

Touché! Fencing is providing a pathway for getting to Ivy League schools. (New York Times)

Freeze Frame

Pizza Rat Times Square

We spotted this photo on Reddit of a rat eating a pizza in Times Square. It’s the creation of @FriendLost9587 using AI platform Midjourney. “Funny how it seems the AI got the shape of the pizza slice right, but put the crust on the wrong edge,” commented one Redditer. Another thought this would make the perfect Pixar movie. Rats, why didn’t we think of that!?

Happy birthday to Tony Mayes.