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Happy Monday. Well, that’s the last weekend in August gone. Are you ready for September? We’ve got a couple of steamy days with temperatures in the mid-80s but feeling like the 90s. Meanwhile, down south, the launch of Artemis I to the moon from Florida is delayed. It was proposed to be in a two-hour window from 8:33am, but they’re checking an engine and “the cumulus cloud rule has just toggled red”!

When Russia invaded Ukraine six months ago, a team of Russian journalists based in Hell’s Kitchen decided that they could not work under the censorship of their Moscow bosses. Instead, they set up a makeshift studio in their apartment and started broadcasting independently on YouTube. Read more…

Russian TV Harry Knyagnitsky and Denis Cheredov.


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We’re all too familiar with the plain old New York City garbage truck — but some of them are about to get a fabulous facelift. The Department of Sanitation’s “Trucks of Art” program is offering visual artists a chance to display their work on New York’s Strongest vehicles. Read more…

New York Sanitation Trucks of Art

What we’ve been reading

Sinkholes are a growing problem on New York’s streets. (New York Daily News)

De Blasio is off to Harvard to teach — let’s hope he’s not late for class! (Eyewitness News)

Moviepass is set to return — will you be rejoining and heading back to cinemas? (The Hustle)

In other news… Two of the worst airports in the world for cancellations are in New York. (Condé Nast Traveller)

Hopper fans can head to the Whitney this fall for an exhibit of his New York art. (Forbes)

Freeze Frame

Michael T Young Hell's Kitchen Hudson Yards

Thanks to Michael Young for this photo of the top of 35 Hudson Yards (designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill) seen from the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. We feature Michael’s work regularly in “What We’ve Been Reading” as he tracks the progress of the city’s highrise construction for New York Nimby. Worth a follow on Instagram at @mchlanglo793

Happy belated birthday to Evan Berman and Barry Reeves.