Good morning. Did you get up early to watch the “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse? Don’t worry if you missed it. Gary Hershorn was out on the media boat to record it for you. Pics and details here…

Yesterday’s opening of Pier 76 ended up being a star-studded affair. We spotted Whoopi Goldberg and Robert De Niro at the Tribeca Festival lunch — and Governor Cuomo led the ribbon-cutting event later in the afternoon.

Cuomo said: “What this Pier 76 says is yes you can reimagine what you want to see, and you can do it. This is the greatest state on the globe with all the potential or the talent. If you dream it and if you commit yourself to it, you can do it. That’s Pier 76. We’re going to take this moment in history with this unity, with this strength, and we’re not rebuilding. We’re going to re-imagine the New York that never was and we’re going to make it a reality.”

Here’s our photo gallery. Head over and tell us what you think of the new pier.

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Freeze Frame

Thanks to Thomas Mansfield for today’s Freeze Frame from his Hell’s Kitchen perch. “The sky is ridiculous tonight,” he said.