Good morning and a warm welcome to a chilly Wednesday. There’s a small chance that the temperature could head near 40 degrees at around 3pm this afternoon! Woot woot…

The holidays may be over, but it’s still the most wonderful time of the year — NYC Restaurant Week, also known as the Black Friday of the New York food scene, begins next Tuesday, January 18! Here are the Hell’s Kitchen restaurants taking part…

We were reminded yesterday that we’d not updated readers on our pre-holiday cliffhanger about the mystery clocks. If you want to check out these 692 suspended timepieces, head to John Jay College on W59th Street between 10/11th (West End). You can only spot them from the north side of the street, but you can wander up the steps on the south side to view/photograph them.

Arbor by Ralph Helmick is suspended above the college’s computer hub. “When observed from a precise location at the building’s entrance this three-dimensional array creates a perceptual phenomenon known as an anamorphosis. From this perspective the timepieces optically coalesce into a depiction of the scales of justice. Jurisprudence is complex, challenging and ever evolving. Time itself can seem both constant and elastic, especially when it concerns our legal system,” says the artist.


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Freeze Frame

While most businesses are reporting being quiet so far this year, Greenwich Village Comedy Club is having to close the door on aspiring comedians taking up valuable space.

Thanks to Christy Miller for the photo. “I have this same sign on my bedroom door. Thank you!… I’ll be here all week! Try the veal!” she said on Instagram.