Good morning. We’re sure that you’ve been consumed this week by stories of 9/11. It’s been tough to absorb the impact of 20 years of grief. The weekend’s crisp blue skies will sharpen the memories.

Back in July, we interviewed music photographer Bob Gruen about his memories of John Lennon and Hell’s Kitchen’s recording studios. At the time, we spotted a tribute on his website to the World Trade Center — juxtaposed with his photography of the fateful day. Bob’s allowed us to share this moving photo story with our readers.

As the tail of Hurricane Ida hit New York last Wednesday evening, water poured through the floors and ceilings of Threshold Recording Studios. The flooding has damaged the historic Hell’s Kitchen sound studio beyond repair. Read more…


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Freeze Frame

New York State Supreme Court will sit today at 10:30am to decide the fate of the Art Deco lobby at the McGraw-Hill Building at 330 W42nd Street. We hope that “Humpty Dumpty can be pieced together again”. You can watch the proceedings live here…