Happy Monday. We’re waking up to a grey, cloudy day with a forecast for rain showers this evening. However, the rest of the week is sunny with temperatures hovering under 60 degrees and overnight temperatures down to nearly 40. Time to layer…

Notorious bikini bar Tobacco Road will finally get a new lease of life as a four-story venue for the Queer community when Red Eye NYC opens on W41st Street. Read more…

Three of the team behind Red Eye NYC: Samuel Benedict, Taylor Shubert, Adam Klesh

A stone thrower facing down a tank. Protesters facing tear gas. Soldiers opening fire on an unarmed crowd. Not the current uprising in Iran, but art inspired by a bloody crackdown in South Korea in 1980 — on show in Hell’s Kitchen until Friday. Read more…

John Jay South Korea Art

What we’ve been reading

As the city buckles under the pressure of migrants, the Mayor seeks the help of the feds. (Politico)

Last-ditch efforts to save the Loews Boathouse have failed — it’s closed. (NBC)

Is there a “patronage mill” whirling in NYC appointments? (New York Post)

As cash-strapped New Yorkers surrender their pets to shelters, one little cutie is top of the list… (The Guardian)

Why are TV shows and movies obsessed with a New York rarity — the alley? (Cheddar)

Freeze Frame

Señor de Los Milagros “Christ of Miracles”

Thanks to Mary Jane Livingston for capturing this photo of the “Christ of Miracles” procession coming along W51st Street last night. El Señor de Los Milagros is celebrated by Catholics during the entire month of October. Mary Jane’s research tells us that the tradition originated in Lima, Peru in 1655 when the city had an earthquake and everything was ruined except a mural of Jesus Christ.

Happy belated birthday greetings to our Lifestyle Editor Sarah Beling! Despite me missing Sarah’s birthday, one reader managed to make her day with his Facebook comment about her article about the Actors Studio.

“Ms. Sarah Beling: Thank you so much for this article!!! I am not an actor, but you made my day in every way, shape, and form with it! It was a superb history and interview, with great photos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, once again!!!” said Glen Krasner.

Happy weekend birthdays to Lynne Kingsley and Tyler Whitman — and today to Jeremy Kaplan and Kristin West.