Happy Thursday. It’s going to be cloudy most of today with the chance of the occasional shower. It might clear for sunset though to brighten up the evening.

The Q faces a lawsuit alleging widespread managerial racism, discrimination and illegal practices at its multi-level Hell’s Kitchen LGBTQIA+ club. Read more…

Q Club in June 2021

New Yorkers are biking and walking to the office rather than take the subway. “I would rather hear the birds than the screeching of the train,” says one commuter. The move is hitting the MTA financially. Read more…

Walking Central Park commute New York

What we’ve been reading

Tourists are coming back to New York, but enthusiasm is dampened by fear of crime. (THE CITY)

Who you gonna call? NYPD going undercover in FedEx and Amazon uniforms. (Vice)

New tunnels from New Jersey to Penn Station move a step closer to construction with NJ and NY governors’ agreement. (New York Times)

Money-losing ferry system was operating far deeper in the red than previously acknowledged by Mayor de Blasio. (New York Post)

Pssst… The word is that NYC’s new speakeasies are too easy to find. (Grub Street)

Freeze Frame

If you were up early this morning, you would have seen this amazing tangerine sky. Photographer Gary Hershon captured this view from New Jersey of the silhouettes of One Vanderbilt, the Empire State Building and the diminutive Chrysler building on Manhattan’s skyline.

Happy birthday to Jerry Melo, Stephen Field and Jason Wise.