Good morning and happy Tuesday. It’s wonderful to see that sun again and have clear skies ahead of us for the rest of the week. Just got to get ready to complain about the New York heat again…

Our friends at THE CITY are reporting on “Designs against humanity” — how the city deals with homeless issues through “hostile” and “cruel” architecture. What are your thoughts on these new “pyramids” at Penn?

Save the date! The Grand Central Oyster Bar is finally reopening at Grand Central Terminal after a COVID-19 shutdown. The landmark railroad restaurant will start service again on Tuesday, September 7. More here…

Grand Central Oyster Bar


Mark Fisher Fitness is offering two free workouts at NYC’s friendliest, quirkiest gym! Click here…

What we’ve been reading

Broadway is promising to bring diversity to the theater. (New York Times)

They’re issuing a vaccine mandate for NYC Department of Education teachers and staff. (amNY)

La Grenouille may close because of a family dispute. (Eater)

New Governor takes charge of Cuomo’s “complex” plan for Penn Station. (New York Post)

Manhattan has a whiskey distillery again — the first since the illegal stills of Prohibition. (6sqft)

Freeze Frame

Yesterday evening our social media feeds were filled with rainbows. Thanks to Elisha Ortiz for sending us this image from W47th and 10th Avenue. What a lovely way to wave farewell to Henri!

Happy Birthday to Tallulah Speed.