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I couldn’t click fast enough on the recent New York Times article “How Can I Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in New York?”. As someone who — as previously stated — was once known to don black clothing and pretend not to know my parents while visiting New York as a 13-year old, I have long, long (far too long???) been obsessed with looking like I fit in (remind me to tell you about the time I signed up for first grade soccer because it was cool to wear the uniform to school). 

And while the article itself essentially concluded that to look like a New Yorker, you should and simultaneously shouldn’t try too hard (thanks, guys?????), Icouldn’thelpbutwonder 👀 yet again, what it means to really be a New Yorker (btw this does not apply to the real OGs who were born and raised here, we bow down). 

I frankly think it’s far less about being dressed a certain way (or maybe that’s my excuse for wearing the same basic Old Navy jeans and Everlane sweater every day lol), and has far more to do with a shared knowledge of the city’s pitfalls (empty subway cars, Gristedes pricing) and the willingness to share that knowledge with others (you HAVE to go to this bagel place, meet me at this new basement karaoke spot). It goes without saying that real New Yorkers — as the youths say — don’t gatekeep!! Share your highs and lows, your favorite places and New York secrets!!! And tell me what to wear!!!

🎨paper dolls 
I’m personally of the belief that paper clothes are best suited to paper dolls (getting caught in a rain storm would be a problem???) but am still intrigued by the Museum of Arts and Design exhibit Generation Paper: A Fashion Phenom of the 1960s showing now through August. If you see me walking around town in a paper dress, you’ll know they’ve convinced me. 

🎭commuter romance
Finding love on NJ Transit? We’ve heard of stranger things. Check out On the Right Track, a new musical written by AMT Theater founders Al Tapper and Tony Sportiello and opening  Wednesday April 5 depicting the comedic trials and tribulations of three couples on the train to Secaucus et al. 

🌳speak for the trees 
Get a head start on Earth Day and help take care of the West Side’s trees at the Free TreeLC event Saturday March 25,  where you can join neighbors in maintaining tree beds, with supplies provided by the NYC Parks Department. 

👯ailey ii returns!!
Hell’s Kitchen-based contemporary dance gem Ailey II returns to NYC now through Sunday April 2 ahead of their 50th anniversary season with a program featuring pieces by Ailey II Artistic Director Francesca Harper, Ailey Artistic Director Robert Battle, Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish, Andrea Miller,William Forsythe and of course, Alvin Ailey. Check out an opening night showbill shot from our fearless leader (and finally stateside 🙌🏻) Phil O’Brien!

🎥you’ve got the wrong man 
Have yourself an old-school movie matinee day by catching the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Wrong Man, screening at MoMA Saturday March 25. Guillermo del Toro recommends it, so why not!!!

🎶smooth sounds 
Let’s start a feud! The Carlyle better watch out, because the West Side got a new upscale piano bar, The Wallace Lounge, which is now open and featuring live music nightly! Let’s dress up and order their signature martini. 

🎭 you’ve got me spinning
Flying acrobats power a 20-foot windmill in new all-ages circus show Zephyr playing Friday March 24 through Thursday April 6 at The New Victory Theater. Billed as “a turbine tug of war between man, nature and machine” it sounds damn impressive too!!

🎤 lady laugh-in
My hot take? Writers put way more effort and nuance into female TV characters than movie ones (if I see one more Manic Pixie Dream Girl I’ll lose it lol). Celebrate well-developed and funny comedic characters and creators — featuring everyone from Lucille Ball to Issa Rae — at the Paley Center for Media’s Women’s History Month: Women Who Make Us Laugh showing now through Sunday March 26

🎶 somebody hold me too close 
It was the late, great Stephen Sondheim’s birthday this week! Celebrate him by reading his (sometimes biting!!) letters and going to Sondheim: Unplugged at 54 Below Sunday March 26. 

🖼 compulsive genius
The Fountain House Gallery showcases eight multidisciplinary artists in their new exhibition Compulsive Genius, opening Thursday March 30 and exploring creators that are “never far away from possibility — the possibility in what they are working on now or the possibility of something they envision in the future.”

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🥊throw a left hook
Take an all-levels-welcome boxing class and embrace the female fighter community at the Church Street Boxing Gym’s Women’s Boxing Month Social Saturday April 1. As a bonus, proceeds from the event will also be donated to the New York Women’s Foundation!!

🍣festival of the rising sun
I once had the good fortune of visiting a friend in Japan, and though I’m not an expert, I can attest that the food was incredible!!! Sample everything from kakigōri (shaved ice) to imagawayaki (red bean cake) at the first of several Japan Fes celebrations this Sunday March 26 in Astor Place.

🎭 and god’s icy wind will blow, baby
I’m totally obsessed with The Crucible. Witchcraft? Political allegory? My ancestors, the Massachusetts Puritans 👀💀?? You bet that I milked every moment out of playing a slightly-overwrought Mary Warren in high school. Go see The Good John Proctor now through April 2 at the Connelly Theater for a much-need new view into how good ol’ JP may not have been the hero we needed.

🎶 80s ladies
Is there anything more badass than a jazz musician in her 80s?! I think not!! Listen in to the Octogenarian Women of Jazz at Flushing Town Hall Friday March 24 and play on, ladies!!!!

🎤 lovely weather we’re having, etc
Colin Quinn: Small Talk  playing March 30 through May 6 at the Greenwich House Theater promises that the well-known comedian will share his experiences making conversation and “can teach you how to stop sucking the energy out of the room.” Given the supercut montage of my many deeply awkward social foibles, maybe I should go lol. 

🎥 when you believe
Will The Prince of Egypt ever make it to Broadway????? Until then, head to Nitehawk to catch a screening of the Women in Animation Series: The Prince of Egypt Saturday March 25 and enjoy the Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz jams!!

🎨 figure drawing
Club Cumming hosts a weekly Anatomy Lesson: Drink and Draw (next up is Sunday March 26) where you can practice your sketching skills and sip on a cocktail! 

🔥 Hot tip 
Need a treat to celebrate (barely 😶) making it through tax season? Why not spend an evening at a Natural Wine and Ice Cream Tasting at “Ice Cream Shop by Day, Bar by Night” Caleta Wednesday March 29 where you can enjoy 5 wine and ice cream pairings curated by the East Village eatery’s chef and beverage director! 

⚠️ Omg I forgot to tell you
Jason Yeager and Julie Benko are back at Birdland Monday March 27

There are free hand massages at Jo Malone Hudson Yards and Columbus Circle

There’s a Dirty Thursday Y2K Party at House of Yes tonight

Billy Joel is back at MSG Sunday March 26

Speaking of basics, there’s an Everlane sample sale now through Sunday March 26

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