Happy Fangsgiving Dracula

Good morning and happy Friday. We’ve got a cloudy couple of days ahead, with temperatures dropping from an unseasonable high of 66 degrees today to 53 degrees on Sunday. By next Friday, we could see overnight temperatures drop below 30 degrees. There might be showers tonight through early tomorrow.

Hell’s Kitchen is set to lose two of its most cherished hospitality landmarks. The Press Lounge rooftop bar and PRINT, a beloved farm-to-table eatery, will both shut their doors permanently on February 1, 2024. Read more…

Press Lounge Rooftop


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Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors is a high-octane, low-down, hilarious reimagining of the gothic classic. With fangs of fury and abs of steel, the stakes are high for Count D as he flees lady vampire hunter Jean Van Helsing and her motley entourage. If you’re a sucker for a bash brimming with bits, bites and bats, you can B Positive that this 90-minute, gender-bending, quick-change Stoker-joker is just your type. This Dracula has got the chops to make it on stage and leave audiences dying for more. He may not be the next Phantom, but he’s in the same vein. You can Count on it. draculacomedy.com

In an unprecedented crackdown on counterfeit goods, federal and local law enforcement agencies have unearthed the largest operation in US history in Hell’s Kitchen. The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced the seizure of over $1 billion in fake luxury items stored at Gotham Mini Storage. Read more…

Seized Goods Gotham Mini Storage

What we’ve been reading

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Is the LLC Transparency Act moving nearer to the Governor’s signature? (The Real Deal)

Everything in Central Park got there as the result of a design competition held in the 1850s, not by nature. (Architectural Digest)

The Unmarked Grave: The story of a long-time resident at the Belvedere Hotel on W48th St. (NPR)

Freeze Frame

Thanksgiving Uncle Sam 1883

We’re publishing our Thanksgiving Guide again today — there are nearly 30 places you can choose from in Hell’s Kitchen if you don’t fancy cooking at home. Part of our tradition is to find a historical image for the guide to show how Thanksgiving has been celebrated through the years. Check out this illustration by Joseph Keppler for Puck magazine in 1883, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Uncle Sam: “Well, we seem to be getting along a little better than the rest of the world, and if we can’t be thankful for all that we have, we may at least be thankful that there are some things we haven’t.”

Uncle Sam, Columbia and Puck are sitting at a table, ready to enjoy a Thanksgiving turkey dinner in a gallery with paintings on the wall in the background; Uncle Sam is gesturing toward these paintings, which show Irish uprisings and unrest in England, volcanoes in Java, earthquakes in Italy, “Cholera” as the grim reaper in Egypt, French colonialism, anarchy in Spain, German militarism, and Alexander III, Emperor of Russia, standing on the body of a peasant in a painting titled “Russian Reform”. On the far right, at a dock labeled “U.S. Navy”, a ship in disrepair leans to one side. A bulldog gnaws on a bone labeled “New York” beneath a bench on the left.

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