Happy Friday. We headed down to City Winery last night to see Isaac Mizrahi — he was fun. On the way home, the streets were full of concertgoers leaving Terminal 5 after The Killers concert. It’s a strange time checking in with the Excelsior pass and still being concerned. How are you feeling?

In the afternoon, we took a trip to the Apple Store on the UWS — and sitting outside was a Praying Mantis! In a city where you see little wildlife, it’s bizarre that we’ve spotted that green sticky guy and a Spotted Lanternfly in one week! Even stranger is that the Praying Mantis is the number one predator for the lanternfly… Could it be our Hell’s Kitchen superhero in this pest fight?

Times Square’s latest attraction is the wheel deal — a giant Ferris wheel is currently being constructed near to Duffy Square. But if you want to take a spin you’ll have to be quick, because the 110 ft-high ride will be in town for less than a month. More here…


What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

We’re lucky to have photographer Jeenah Moon living in Hell’s Kitchen. As well as her photojournalism for everyone from the Washington Post to Bloomberg she captures some wonderful moments of neighborhood life. “Pizza for dinner,” is her caption for this great dane waiting attentively.