Good morning. Big things happening today with all New Yorkers who are 16+ eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you need a little extra help to get out of your quarantine life habits, Anna Pakman has a short film, Social Fitness, to do just that. It’s been produced to help raise awareness for greater representation of disability in media. Anna is a disabled filmmaker and Hell’s Kitchen resident who produced, directed, and wrote the short for the 2021 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. Check it out…

She may have only moved to the neighborhood in 2018, but Priya Ahluwalia has taken Hell’s Kitchen to her heart. She has some great local recommendations too. Here’s Priya’s West Side Story

What we’ve been reading

73-year-old Hell’s Kitchen super is the victim of an early morning street assault. (New York Post)

Exploring the psychology of being a bystander. (New York Times)

Will NY become connected and protected for cyclists? (The City)

3 Times Square is getting a revamp. (New York Post)

Bored in quarantine? Why not create a horse out of your food delivery bags… (The Guardian)

Freeze Frame

Thanks to Richard Moore for spotting artist Stephen Bliss at work at the side of Kiehl’s on 9th Avenue. It’s great to see art appearing in the neighborhood. Just over W47th Street is Dolly Parton by Captain Eyeliner — and if you look up above Kiehl’s you can see the fading glory of Sempe’s Bicycle cartoon.

Have a great week…