Happy Friday. The heat advisory has been extended until 8pm this evening — but expect to get a heavy downpour this afternoon/evening — and hopefully a Hell’s Kitchen rainbow shortly after 🌈

There are so many “popups” happening around the city. From Ferris wheels to Van Gogh — Showstoppers (which is fab and supports the theater, TV and movie costume folks locally) and there’s even going to be a Bill Cunningham “immersive” (he’ll be spinning in his grave at the idea of this $30 extravaganza in his memory). Mark your calendars for Broadway in Bryant Park — a free show that’s popping up for its 21st year.

Serge Onik, an instructor at Broadway Dance Center, has died at 33. He was known for competing in So You Think You Can Dance, dancing in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s movie of In The Heights and helping the Israeli figure skating team at two Olympic Games. Read the tributes — “May he rest in dance.”


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Freeze Frame

This fearsome crew is getting ready for the weekend. “The Hell’s Kitchen Rangers are still going strong,” says Chad and Liam MacDonald on Instagram.