Happy Wednesday. First of all, apologies to all those candidates that I texted early this morning for comments on last night’s local primaries. It was their first day off from campaigning in months, and I am sure they were hoping for a sleep in. However, listening to Erik Bottcher speaking to supporters last night, maybe it was just retribution. “I want to thank the voters, including the thousands of constituents that we stopped on the street and all the constituents we called during dinner — even those who hung up on me,” he said.

So far we know that Andrew Yang has conceded the race for New York City Mayor, Bottcher is the clear leader in Council District 3 and Corey Johnson is trailing in the voting for City Comptroller. More here…

We’ve gotten a little break from the heat lately but as temperatures begin to rise over the next few days, there’s welcome news for when the next heatwave inevitably arrives: all outdoor pools throughout the five boroughs will open for the season on Saturday, June 26. Read more…


Opening night of Speakeasy marks the re-opening of “Broadway’s Best Restaurant”, Bond45. Speakeasy runs from June 25-July 31. Details & Tickets…

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

Everyone in New York has an opinion — and this picture by Victoria Whitelaw taken at the corner of 8th Avenue and W44th Street brought diverse reactions from W42ST readers on Facebook and Instagram.

Rose said: “This is why I love New York!”

Michael said: “This is angering. So much 24-hour SERIOUS drug trade happening between 42 to 45th streets, backfiring cars, random loudspeakers at 4am. Or perhaps police car alarms going off while they play chess. Yup that was a real thing. This isn’t an example of community outreach. It’s an example of community negligence.”

Cindy said: “This picture is worth a million words!”

Stephen said: “You know that it’s illegal to put an officer in check, right?”

Daphne said: “I’m so grossed out that they are leaning on that trash can, and that man’s bag is on the floor 🤢”

Enjoy your Hump Day!