Good morning, Hell’s Kitchen. It’s really feeling like fall today. Wrap up a little more when you head out. However, we’re back to a high of 77 degrees tomorrow and Thursday.

The city’s wildlife is coming under threat from what it’s eating. Owls and hawks are feasting on poisoned rats and mice and it’s “killing the most celebrated wildlife that we have in New York City.” More here…

Run, don’t walk! New Yorkers can now get on the flight deck of the Intrepid Museum for half price. The new deal starts on Friday (October 22). Details here…

TOP TIP! If you want just a sample of what Intrepid has to offer — or a nice walk out to the Hudson River — Pier 86 is free to the public. To access the pier for free, just enter through the Welcome Center during museum hours.


What we’ve been reading

NYPD mounted officers take an anti-suicide ride through Manhattan for veterans. (New York Post)

A rare disease hits New York City — and rats are taking the rap. (Gizmodo)

Cuomo’s $2.1bn plan for a La Guardia Air Train has hit the buffers. (New York Times)

NYC’s Comptroller reports that the City is still failing women and minority-owned businesses. (Brooklyn Reader)

Check out these NYC locations for Succession. (Untapped New York)

Freeze Frame

Check out the Halloween-themed outdoor dining arch at VIV Thai on 9th Avenue. It’s a H-OWL! 

Happy birthday to Carolina Rivera from House of Brews — have a wonderful day!