Good morning and happy Friday. Today’s going to be cloudy until the sun sets — and then a rainstorm whips in (it will be snow further north) that will keep with us through the early part of Saturday. Sunday’s looking nice though…

Hell’s Kitchen has had a huge part to play in the history of Pilates — its creator Joseph Pilates opened his first studio in 1926 on 8th Avenue (where he lived and worked for 40 years). His legacy is continuing with Plaza Pilates, just arrived in Manhattan Plaza. Read more…

Jacqueline Sydney and Elisabeth Martin

Actor, recording artist, songwriter and model Benjamin Hey! was born in Brooklyn but has fallen in love with Hell’s Kitchen and feels right at home here. Here’s his West Side Story…

Benjamin Hey!

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

Christina Romano sunset

We love pretty pictures that serve as a public service announcement. “Anxiously awaiting those 7 p.m. sunsets!” said Christina Romano on Instagram. Yes, it’s happening on Sunday when the clocks move an hour forward.

Happy birthday to Leslie Johnson.