Good morning and happy Friday. Thunder, lightning, ominous dark skies, lashing rain — and sunshine. That’s just the last 20 minutes while I’ve been putting the finishing touches to this morning’s newsletter! It’s an anything could happen sort of day, prepare for all of the above…

Police are searching for five suspects after a 35-year-old man died following a stabbing at Pier 84 in Hudson River Park just before 6am yesterday — a murder investigation is underway. Read more…

Pier 84 Suspects

Retired medical professionals Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen have lived in Hell’s Kitchen together for 26 years. They write together too and are the authors of six wine and cookbooks. Let’s raise a glass as the pair share their West Side Story.

Wine Guys Mike and Jeff

What we’ve been reading

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Mayor Adams gets his first override from NYC Council. Surprisingly, it never happened to Mayor de Blasio. (Gothamist)

The vision of Hudson Yards is struggling to become a reality. (WSJ)

NYPD raids are not getting in the way of business at sophisticated smoke shops. (Bloomberg💰)

Back to the drawing board… New York’s election map needs to be redrawn – again. (New York Times💰)

Are reservation apps having a knock-on effect for New York’s bars? (Robert Simonson)

Freeze Frame

Pickleball Basketball Hell's Kitchen Park

Progress is being made on the Hell’s Kitchen Park sports area. The machinery has been moved, and the area that will be used for pickleball and basketball is now clear for painting. The handball courts are still half finished. Maybe we should run a sweepstake on the reopening date…?!

Happy birthday to Travis Moser.