Good morning and happy Spring Equinox! The freezing temperatures yesterday and this morning will be replaced at 5:24pm (the exact time of spring’s arrival) by a temperature of 51 degrees. We might even creep into the 60s a couple of times this week. Yayyyy!

Hell’s Kitchen entrepreneur and author Peter Shankman has a “fast brain” and he’s put it to good use with a book that shows kids that ADHD is “a gift, not a curse.” Read more…


A visit to a Broadway musical at age five set actor Erika Longo on the road to show business. The Hell’s Kitchen resident feels right at home in the neighborhood — and has even appeared in Law & Order: SVU! Read her West Side Story…

Erika Longo on Law & Order SVU set with Mariska Hargitay

What we’ve been reading

Neighborhood eatery Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room has been making headlines with its Irish coffee. (PIX11)

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The Met Museum artifacts have origins with “smugglers and fixers”. (The Guardian)

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Colorful painting captures the edge of Depression-era Hell’s Kitchen. (Ephemeral New York)

Freeze Frame

Half Marathon Times Square Kids Race

Thanks to photographer Jeremy Driesen for braving the freezing temperatures yesterday morning to cover the New York City Half Marathon heading through Times Square. Even more special, was the kid’s race that ran alongside the main event. Jeremy gets brownie points for managing to spot his nephew Jack Nealon (below) in the middle of that crowd!

Jack Nealon Half Marathon Times Square

Happy birthday to Kaitlyn Guay and Chelsey Hill.