Good morning. Don’t let that bright sunny day outside the window lull you into a false sense of warmth. Wrap up if you are heading out — with the windchill, it’s below 20 degrees out there!

The wind last night seemed to be causing the mystery high-pitched high-rise howling again. Did you hear it? It seems still to be focused around 42nd and 10th Avenue, but we had reports (and sound recordings) from as far away as W45th and W47th Streets. Alexis told us: “My dog’s insane hearing ears are freaking out and he’s shaking with anxiety. I can hear it through my window 12 floors up on W45th and 10/11 Avenue.” Any theories?

My Saturday mornings as a kid were spent hopping on the bus with my mum and my sister to go bargain hunting at Paddy’s Market in Liverpool. When I moved many years later to Hell’s Kitchen, the name of the market was one of the many similarities to this area and my hometown — along with the piers, the Irish roots, the humor, the people.

Now, locals want a part of Hell’s Kitchen lodged in the National Register of Historic Places as Paddy’s Market. The proposed historic district runs from W35th to W40th Street on both sides of Ninth Avenue. More details…

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Freeze Frame

Gary Hershorn got up early this morning for New York City’s sunrise. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Tuesday.