Happy Tuesday. Well, the good news is that the temperature will be in the 60s all day. However, expect to feel damp all day as we get a combination of mists, showers and humidity.

Can you remember a New York that existed before outdoor dining? Yes, there were the occasional seasonal sidewalk cafés, but in a world where a night out means braving freezing temperatures, rats and the potential threat of a car crashing into your dinner, there is a definitive Before and After to the New York restaurant scene. However, as Resy has revealed, there is no definitive name for dining outside: in fact there are 113. Read more…

Amarone Scarletto

Neighborhood organizations are being boosted with $100,000 in new funding as the West Side Community Fund announced 15 recipients in its biannual grant program, designed to support groups dedicated to strengthening Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea (including W42ST). Read more…

Yoga In Mathews-Palmer Playground Organized By Hell's Kitchen Commons

What we’ve been reading

Man dies at Columbus Circle subway after his clothing gets caught in the train door. (Reuters)

The NYPD’s most complained-about cop tells his side of the story… (THE CITY)

Good to see Poseidon Bakery making this “best NYC Greek” list. (Greek Reporter)

Subway bathrooms will start to return in 2023. (Streetsblog)

Here’s a celebrity checklist for this year’s New York City Marathon. (Eyewitness News)

Freeze Frame

Lesllie Jordan Eye Khan

We were so sad to hear of the death of Leslie Jordan yesterday. Eye Khan shared this picture and story on Instagram. “I spotted Leslie Jordan sitting inside of Starbucks in Hell’s Kitchen one afternoon. After I asked the cashier for a pen/paper and mustered up enough courage to walk over to him and ask for an autograph, Mr. Jordan leans into me and goes ‘Well honey, don’t you think a selfie would make for a better story!?’ Both laughing I whipped out my phone and snapped this beautiful memory!! RIP Leslie Jordan!! He truly was such a light and that light touched and was felt by everyone he was around,” said Eye.

Happy birthday to Nell Snaidas and Jason Gardner.