Good morning. We’ve got a cloudy day ahead. It’s going to be humid, and there is the chance of a heavy shower. The weekend is looking good though — so we’ve just got to get through Friday!

The New York City Council approved a permanent outdoor dining program in a 34-11 vote yesterday afternoon. Erik Bottcher, the Council Member for Hell’s Kitchen, voted against the legislation. Read more…

Outdoor Dining Restaurant Row

Professional boxer Christina Cruz, known as “The Hell’s Kitchen Kid”, was born and raised in the neighborhood. She racked up a closetful of titles, awards and wins in her amateur career — and that success has continued since she turned pro in 2021. Read Christina’s West Side Story…

Christina Cruz boxing

What we’ve been reading

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Moulin Rouge is celebrating making its money back on W45th Street. (Broadway News)

The first lawsuit has been filed after last week’s crane fire and collapse on 10th Ave. (CBS)

More restaurants are swapping no-show fees for reservation charges. (Eater)

This Hell’s Kitchen born 98-year-old paratrooper is remembered for beer and battlefields. (Legacy)

Have you noticed the increase in French Bulldogs? (Economist💰)

Freeze Frame

Crane above 10th Avenue

Looking out the cab window last night on the way back home, the burnt-out crane cabin is still ominously hanging over 10th Avenue a week after the fire. Hopefully, we will see a new crane tower appear soon to lift the wreckage down safely.

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