Good morning. How was your weekend?

Some local dogs got a big treat at the weekend when Astro’s Dog Run reopened on 10th Avenue and W39th Street. It’s been closed since last summer — but now the refurbishments made by Port Authority and local volunteers have created a wonderful pooch oasis. More here…

There’s a growing tension around new outdoor dining and the workings of New York. We report today on issues of “Meals vs Wheels” as the city tries to deal with structures in bus lanes.


What we’ve been reading

A restaurant designed for diners with a disability opens. (Forbes)

A joyrider stole an ambulance from outside a Hell’s Kitchen hospital Saturday. (New York Post)

New York’s undocumented workers share their pandemic stories. (The Guardian)

A eulogy to the paper menu. (Bloomberg)

Walking Broadway from top to bottom. (Kevout)

Freeze Frame

We spotted this image in our Twitter feed of a Montreal trash can design that helps people who collect beer cans for refundable deposits. Apparently, the design originated in Cologne in German. It’s the invention of a young designer, Paul Ketz.

If you’ve ever wondered about the economy around bottle and can collecting in New York, read this heartwarming essay by student Jessica Yauri about how her parents collect bottles for a living.

Happy Birthday today to Vasilis Plakias (many will remember him as manager of the Market Diner!)